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Tierra Verde Overview

Property Developer: Calmar Land Dev Corp
Project Location: Brgy. Bagong Pook, Pila, Laguna
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 50 sqm. to 91 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.9 M to Php 3.5 M

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Tierra Verde Philippines

Tierra Verde By Calmar Land

Many kids in the province wanted to go to Metro Manila in hopes of finding a better job, a job that will provide them with much more than what they need. Although there are some who fails to realize this dream, the diligent, hardworking, and honest individuals get the life that they want. They spend most of their young adult days working hard to rise to the top and reach for their dreams. However, the time will come when they will begin to long for the quiet provincial life.

If you are longing for a quiet, peaceful, and calm provincial atmosphere, then you’ll certainly want to find a place in the province. However, you will certainly miss the city living that you’ve adapted to from time to time and it can be a pain to travel back and forth especially if you chose a province far away from the national capital region.

Many accomplished individuals are looking for a place where they can enjoy a calm and quiet life far away from the noise, pollution and seemingly stressful atmosphere that surrounds the metro. Yes, it’s easy to find such place, but as someone who spent decades in the city for the purpose of achieving their dreams will certainly find that nothing can replace the shopping, dining and leisure experience that can be found in the city. They eventually will want to find a place close to it. But why not settle into a place that can offer you the peaceful life you’ve ever wanted while still being close to the sparkling and vibrant city life?

Thank goodness there is a place that’s in the center of a peaceful provincial life, yet close enough to the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

Meet Tierra Verde by Calmar Lands!

Project Brief

Tierra Verde aims to fulfill your lifelong dream of owning a home that’s situated in the calm province of Laguna, away from the seemingly ever awake Metro Manila. Although far from the hustle and bustle of the country’s capital, it doesn’t really take too long to drive from the community back to the vibrant and sparkling city life, thus allowing anyone to experience a peaceful and rural life without missing any grand opportunity that’s waiting for them in the capital.

The Developer

Calmar Land is widely known as a developer of real estate and residential projects in the CALABARZON are. They were in business since 1989 and they have more than 25 years of experience. Most of their projects can be found in Laguna, Batangas, and Quezon – all of which offers a rural city living experience while still being close to Metro Manila. They are aiming to develop communities and houses that continuously adapt to the needs of a modern family.

Therefore, if you are looking for a developer that have created strategically located developments with high standards and has been in the business for a long time, Calmar Land should certainly be on your list.

The Community

Tierra Verde, situated in the sanctuary of Laguna, is a community that aims to provide a peaceful and quiet life while still providing easy access to the country’s capital. The community offers different housing units catering to needs of every Filipino family.

The Housing Units

There are a variety of housing units available in Tierra Verde. Each one caters to a certain family size and preferences. The following housing units are available:

Althea is either an inner unit with a floor area of 50 square meters or an end unit with a floor area of 57.50 square meters. It is a two-story townhouse that includes 2 bedrooms and a common toilet & bathroom. It has a living and dining area, a kitchen area, a service and laundry area and a carport that’s located outside. The dining, kitchen and living area along with the toilet & bath are on the ground floor. The toilet & bath is strategically positioned for easy access wherever you are on the ground floor. The second floor houses the two bedrooms, one master’s bedroom, and one regular bedroom. Overall, this is recommended for small or new families looking for an excellent home that has all the basic needs covered.

Bella is a single attached house unit that has three bedrooms and two toilet & baths. It also has a landscaped area, a carport and of course, the living, kitchen, and dining area. In addition to that, there is a powder room that can be used as a toilet for guests or whatever. It has a minimum lot area of 77 square meters. The outer area of the unit has a green lawn. To the right of the entrance is the carport. The ground floor houses the powder room along with the kitchen, dining and living area and the first toilet & bath. The first bedroom is also located on the ground floor, beside the powder room. On the second floor is the master’s bedroom, the second regular bedroom, and the second toilet & bath. The second regular bedroom is actually spacious and can house two beds, perfect for siblings. There is a small hallway that separates the three rooms. This house unit is perfect for a larger family looking for more bedrooms for increasing each individual’s privacy.

Clara is another single attached house unit that is quite bigger than Bella. It has a minimum lot area of 88 square meters, with the carport alone is 15 square meters. The carport has its own separate space outside, to the right of the entrance. At the ground floor, is the living, dining, kitchen, first toilet & bath, and the first bedroom. The first bedroom is almost as large as the living area and can allow multiple guests to sleep in. The second floor houses the other two standard bedroom and the master’s bedroom as well as the second toilet & baths. There is a spacious hallway at the center of the second floor. This one is perfect for even a larger family looking for an excellent place to live in a rural area close to the metro. The lot area is large enough for additional outdoor facilities like a playhouse or a barbecue area.

Daphne is a two-storey single detached house perfect for those looking for a home with a large lot area and spacious rooms. This house unit features the basic living, dining and kitchen area, a maid’s room, three toilet & baths and three bedrooms. Outside, there is a lanai and a carport along with a spacious landscape that will allow you to add additional outdoor ornaments and other stuff. At the ground floor is the kitchen, living and dining area along with the maid’s room (can be used as a guest room or additional bedroom) and the first toilet & bath. The second floor has the two standard bedrooms and the master’s bedroom. The master’s bedroom has its own toilet & bath that’s only accessible to it. There is another toilet & bath on the second floor that’s accessible to everyone.This is perfect for larger families looking for a spacious house and lot.

Jodie is a two-story duplex perfect for those looking for an affordable home. You can own both parts of the duplex and rent out the other to help gain you a side income. Each part of the duplex comes with two bedrooms, a common toilet bath, a living area, kitchen area, dining area, service area, lanai, and a carport. The ground floor hosts the living, kitchen, dining, and common toilet & bath. At the front Is the carport and at the back is the lanai and service areas. The second floor houses the master’s bedroom and the other standard bedroom and also features a hallway.

If you’re looking for a townhouse, Ysabelle is the right one for you. The floor area of an inner unit is 55 square meters and for an outer unit, 61 square meters. Each unit has two bedrooms, a toilet & bath, the basic kitchen, dining and living area and a service area. The ground floor hosts everything else aside from the bedrooms, which are located on the second floor. The master’s bedroom has a balcony. A townhouse is perfect for those looking for an affordable home and also looking to build a close relationship with their neighbors.

Want to experience living by the bay and at the same time you enjoy the grand view of the mountains? Surrender to life’s rare opportunities of enjoying nature at its best displays. The Tierra Verde Pila is really verdant as it is lusciously set in the “wilderness” off the coast of Laguna de Bay and yet its ambience is truly modern and vibrant, a stark contrast from the metro’s foggy and soggy environment. Submit yourself to this paradise of an enclave and experience the thrill and tranquil serenity at the Tierra Verde.

The project is set in one of Laguna province’s with remaining preserved natural beauty in Brgy. Bagong Pook, Pila, Laguna. This old town in Laguna is home to various well-preserved houses dating back from the Spanish period. The town is surrounded with the province other well-known towns and cities such as Pagsanjan, Sta. Cruz and Magdalena. The site is just an hour drive away from Metro Manila via SLEX where the magical mountain of Mt. Banahaw is set against its southern backdrop, a truly exciting and exhilarating view of nature. Model American style houses come in 2 stories, mostly Single Attached and Single Detached types with spacious floor areas.

The Tierra Verde is an impressive display of the veracity of Calmar Land’s engineering design which, by the way, is one of the most recognizable brands in the Southern Tagalog region’s numerous residential developers. The site is easily accessible from any direction, whether from Metro Manila or the underlying towns or cities because there are several road networks to the project.

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Tierra Verde Location

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Tierra Verde - Price List

Tierra Verde For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Althea (Inner unit) ₱ 1,912,400 50 sqm
Bella (Single Attached) ₱ 2,302,800 68 sqm
Clara (Single Attached) ₱ 2,631,700 68 sqm
Daphne (Single Attached) ₱ 3,572,800 91 sqm
Jodie ( 2 - Storey) ₱ 2,385,000 54.50 sqm
Ysabelle ₱ 2,415,900 55 sqm

Why Invest In  Tierra Verde

Best house models

Tierra Verde has varying house models that will surely satisfy your family’s needs. Here is a quick look at some of the basic specifications of the elegant homes: Althea (Inner Unit) 2 stories, 2-BR, 1T&B, FA is 50sqm; Bella (Single Attached) 2 stories, 3-BR, 2T&, FA is 68sqm; Clara (Single Attached) 2 stories, 4-BR, 2T&B, FA is 78sqm; Daphne (Single Detached) 2 stories, 4-BR, 2T&B, FA is 91sqm; Jodie (2 stories), 2-BR, 1T&B, FA is 54.5sqm and Ysabelle (2-storey Townhouse), 2-BR, 1T&B, FA is 55sqm.

All units come with spacious areas for living, dining and kitchen areas, carport, service and laundry areas. There is provision for lanai and bigger master’s bedroom for selected units.

Inspiring and ideal location

Not everything is so remote with the location of the Tierra Verde, in fact, there are several schools near the site, such as the University of the Philippines Los Baños (a mere 40-minute drive to the west),Liceo de Pila, South Greenville School, Pook Elementary School and Colegio de Monterei de Pila, among others. Medical institutions also thrive near the area, the likes of Los Baños Doctors Hospital and Medical Center, Laguna Doctors Hospital and the Laguna Holy Family Hospital.

Shopping and entertainment centers like SM City Calamba, Walter Mart Makiling, Sun Star Mall, CLA Town Center and Unitop, among just a few, are all within easy reach from the site. There are also such interesting places in Pila that are considered tourist attractions, such as the San Antonio de Padua Parish Church, Pila Museum, the old ancestral houses and the Pila Municipal Hall.

Easy payment options

Calmar Land made this project as grand as it is but with very reasonable prices for units, the company made payments a lot easier and convenient for investors. There are more ways of paying (aside from spot cash) if you fall in either one of these categories:

Bank Financing (for locally employed, OFWs and self-employed)

Pag-Ibig Financing for qualified members (OFWs, self-employed and locally employed)

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